Learning The Value Of Pullover


Pullover is a forgotten exercise at the gym. Many do not realize the value of having a bulky upper body. While doing a pullover exercise, the muscle in the upper torso is worked. The muscles that improve with pullover exercises are the pecs, triceps, lats, and serratus. Bodybuilding is an age-old fitness technique. Despite not many core chest exercises available, the pullover seems to have gone to the bottom of the list, and at times it is even dropped completely. bestbarbells.com understands the value of pullovers and has compiled articles to emphasize its value. Meanwhile, the importance of nutrition during fitness regime cannot be undervalued,
gives a whole lot of tips.

How to include pullover in your exercise routine?
The pullover can start after the dumbbell presses and bench presses. These two are the vital part of your fitness regime. You can add pullover once these two are done.

More About Dumbbell Pullover Exercise
The dumbbell pullover exercise can be done in two ways, either lying on the bench. You can use it along the bench or perpendicular to the bench. For an appealing rib cage, you can opt for cross-bench dumbbell pullover. You can do this by keeping your pelvis at a lower level in comparison with the shoulder.

Importance Of Safe Grip
The dumbbell has to be held with your palm against the plates with your thumbs supporting the handle. Hence the grip is crucial because the weight moves directly above your face. Having a safe grip is vital to protect your body from any injury. Holding the dumbbell in the form of a triangle below the plates with your palms and thumb is a safe grip position. Ensure that the weight of the dumbbell is held tight to the handle and the spinlocks are fastened to provide it from moving away. Do not attempt to hold the plates; this could lead to slipping away from your sweaty hands and could lead to injury.

Exercise Technique with dumbbell
· First position across the flat bench at 90-degree angle placing your shoulder girdle towards the bench in a resting position and the rear of your head just halfway above the edge.
· Keeping your feet flat above the ground bend your knee at 90-degree angle while keeping your pelvis at a lower position you can manage. Sink down, and you can feel your abs stretch.
· Hold the dumbbell using both hands and expand your arms vertically to keep the weight above your face. Bend your elbow slightly; this is how you start the exercise.
· Now inhale while you lower behind your head till your upper arm is in line with your torso. Bend the elbow and come back to the starting position.
· The exercise can be repeated till you can manage.

The rib cage can be given a boost if the work out is achieved at full range. Pull over training improves the physique of an individual especially in the upper torso region. If you are looking for a better stretch in the chest, it is best to use a bent arm dumbbell pullover. It gives more emphasis on the lats.