How Does The Body Utilize The Energy?

A human body needs the energy to perform the most basic tasks. This energy is given to the body in the form of calories. The food that you consume should be balanced and should provide the required nutrients, in some cases you will have to take supplements like Patriot Power Greens Results in enhanced energy. Apart from diet, it is essential to keep fit as it can help provide more energy to your body. Though you know that body needs energy for proper functioning, not many are aware as to how energy is utilized, find a few ways energy is spent.

BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate consumes more than 50% of the energy that is got from the diet you consume. BMR is the quantity of energy that is needed by the body to function even while it is at rest. Even while the body is resting, it consumes energy for activities like blood circulation, breathing, and other vital functions. A small amount of energy is used to keep the body in normal temperature. Moreover, age, the composition of the body, health, etc. are determinants when it comes to the amount of energy needed by the body.

Body structure: The build of your body is a major determining factor when it comes to the energy needs and varies hugely. Muscles are the primary consumer of energy as this tissue is very metabolic. Other tissues do not need as much as muscles. Men being more muscular than women require more energy and calories. Also, young kids who are in the growth phase need greater energy than adults. As you age, the requirement of the body changes and you may not need as much energy as earlier due to reduced metabolism. Energy needs are based on body composition, height, gender and weight too.

Absorption of food: A small amount of energy is needed to produce energy from the food you consume. Digestion of food also requires energy. Metabolism majorly depends on the kind of food you consume. The energy needed to digest and absorb the nutrients from it depends on the diet you consume. The classic example is that digestion of protein got from eating meat takes longer than digesting fat or carbs. The entire digestive process takes up about 30% of the calories.

Physical and mental energy: Energy is needed by the body to play, walk or even talk. Lifestyle also determines how much energy a body needs, an active lifestyle means more necessity of energy while a sedentary lifestyle does not require that much energy. Diseases and other infections drain out a person leaving them tired. A body with infections to the respiratory tracts consumes energy even while at rest.

Proper functioning of the brain happens only when sufficient and continuous energy is provided. Reading or even watching a movie, playing a game, learning some new skill all needs energy. The amount of energy required by brains cells is almost double that of other cells. Energy draining activities for the brain are stress and depression. It drains not only mental energy but also physical energy, without energy you are more prone to illness and diseases.